Chapter 17 The Auction THE BOY AUSTIN

Austin has been auctioned before, but this time was even more thrilling than his first. He had never expected his own father to appear as a member of the... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY MAXX

Maxx made his way through the cold winter streets to the dark and deserted warehouse district and found himself at the address printed on the expensive... [read more]

Chapter 4 Xmas Party Favor THE BUYER'S GROUP

The Boy River was a delicious treat at a Thanksgiving auction for The Buyers Group. The holidays aren’t over, though, and the gentlemen have brought... [read more]

Chapter 2 The Prize THE BOY MARK

Master Divino sits on the edge of the bed, slowly undressing. As he removes his shoes, he feels the eyes of his new property, Boy Mark, gazing at him.... [read more]

Chapter 3 TurkeyDay Party Favor THE BUYER'S GROUP

Masters know their boys can be the greatest gifts of all. That's definitely the spirit at this intimate party, when the boy River lays on a kitchen island,... [read more]

Chapter 6 Auction Indulgence THE BOY RIVER

The first thing that struck me about the boy River was his discipline. He’s handsome and fit, for sure. Well built and compact. But his demeanor and... [read more]

Chapter 2 The Prize THE BOY BLAKE

I’m not usually boastful. I know I’m privileged in a lot of ways, but I’m not one to normally show off what I have. Except when it comes to my boys.... [read more]

Chapter 8 Auction Slave Boy THE BOY COLE

Cole was certainly a welcome sight! His blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and milky white skin were presented so perfectly. He had the look of a good, wholesome,... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Auction THE BOY MARK

What are the chances? So many things had brought me to this moment to sit in this room, prepared to bid. I’ve always had a bit of dominant streak, but... [read more]

Chapter 16 The Slave Boy THE BOY AUSTIN

Seeing Austin in his cage was a unique thrill for me. Probably more for me than any other owner could have. I had watched this boy grow into the young... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming The Boy Blake

Blake had impressed the Europeans when they came to visit. His hungry mouth and hole were talked over for hours after the young men were put back into... [read more]

Chapter 7 The Prize THE BOY COLE

Cole entered the room so quietly, I would not have noticed him if I hadn’t been facing the door. He seemed to make as much effort as possible to not... [read more]

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