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Master Felix is a man who knows market value. He’s an experienced trader of various rarities, including precious stones, antiquities, and fine art. But he’s honed his eye lately on the most valuable possession: young, submissive boys.

Master Felix can see what makes them unique, but also the potential return on his investment. Some come to him perfectly trained, beautiful presented, and ready for sale. Others, however, require his knowledge and discipline to bring out their true worth. He’s able to see past a rough exterior and see a boy's value after he has been cut down and reshaped.

For this man, there is no greater satisfaction than bringing those finished products to market and seeing his hard work rewarded.


Master Savage is the consummate coach. He loves to see a young man pushed to his limits, face his fears, and elevate himself beyond them. In the real world; he can only go so far, so fast with any young man he encounters... But as a Master, he can set the boundaries of his submissives. He can have a firm hand and not be afraid to dole out punishment; but at his core, he wants to see a boy made stronger, not weaker. As a master, he expects obedience and discipline, but is excited to see what his unrestricted dominance can yield in the slaves he instructs.


Marcus has never really felt any kind of purpose or place in the world. He’s so quiet and timid that he’s always felt overlooked and invisible. He could never really stand up for himself or advocate for his own wants or desires.

Fortunately, he’s found a way to never have to be in that position again. When Master Felix tells him of his value as a submissive, he’s instantly intrigued by the idea of being looked after and cared for. Of course, such a position comes at a cost.

He must be willing to endure whatever is asked of him, physically and sexually, of the powerful men who would take him as theirs. For Marcus, it’s an easy trade to give up his body and hole, to be submissive and to be used... hard.