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Master Legrand works hard and knows what he likes. He’s tall, handsome, and perfectly hung. He could get any man or boy he wanted, but traditional, casual sex doesn't always satisfy him.

Fortunately, he belongs to an elite cadre of gentlemen who share similar tastes and desires--in particular, a desire for those who long to be owned. He loves the thrill of being worshipped by a truly submissive boy, not just someone playing a part.

As a member of this secret group, he’s able to indulge in his deepest fantasies with the most pristine, virginal boys without compromising his innate dominant nature.


Danny was a cute, innocently curious, young boy found lurking around the leather bars of his home city. He never had the courage to step up and ask for what he wanted, but has lived with a submissive’s spirit all his life. Seeing boys tied up, fucked, caged, and owned by their masters seemed like an amazing fantasy, but he was always left saddened to think that it would all end once everyone came.

Now, recruited for his virginity, devotion, and hunger to serve, Danny has the opportunity to get what he’s always wanted; the permission and freedom to be bound for life!