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Master Dixon is known for his gruff, rough look. Covered in dense body hair and tattoos, he is known to intimidate men and boys alike. And that’s even before he’s unveiled his can-thick, monster meat. And while he’s adept at splitting holes apart and leaving boys more stretched out than they’ve ever been before, he loves the return on investment in buying and selling beautiful submissives again and again. Of course, no boy leaves him as tight as when he found them…


Master Legrand works hard and knows what he likes. He’s tall, handsome, and perfectly hung. He could get any man or boy he wanted, but traditional, casual sex doesn't always satisfy him.

Fortunately, he belongs to an elite cadre of gentlemen who share similar tastes and desires--in particular, a desire for those who long to be owned. He loves the thrill of being worshipped by a truly submissive boy, not just someone playing a part.

As a member of this secret group, he’s able to indulge in his deepest fantasies with the most pristine, virginal boys without compromising his innate dominant nature.


Jesse never felt like he had a place to belong before he met the buyers. He’d struggled to find anything that would keep him focused or content. Even as he poured his efforts into working on his body and mind, he felt like no one appreciated him the way that he wanted. It wasn’t until he was put up on the block for the first time that he felt the thrill of being objectified. For the buyers, he was an asset, a prize, and an investment. He was like a piece of art that needed to be viewed and loved. For the first time, he felt like he had a chance to belong… by belonging to handsome, powerful men.