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Few men have the capital to own an entire Olympic swim team, but Master Figata is one such man. An avid swimmer himself, he scouts for the most promising talent in a perfectly tailored suit. He procures the most lucrative sponsorships from the most well-known sports brands and hires the best coaches for training in the off season and professional competitions.

The dividends pay off big. Only the luckiest boys know that recruiting for the swim team is not Master Figata’s only passion. Plenty of his young athletes started out learning how long they could hold their breathe above water, with the dom daddy’s cock in the throats. Master Figata has a thing for torturing a boy’s nipples. If he can a take a boy to the exquisite edge of pleasure that borders on pain and they still beg for more, he knows the boy has what it takes to become personal property.

He instills instant obedience to orders in his boys but pushes them to better themselves. He doesn’t except back talk or excuses, and expects them to perform at their absolute best. Master Figata’s eye for talent is sure to bolster the ranks of the Buyer’s Group stock.


Eric has been waiting his whole life to meet someone who would take him away from his life and appreciate him as an object. He’s worked so hard to get the right look, to work out, to take care of hair and appearance, obsessing over detail that would make him appealing to powerful, wealthy, influential people who could turn him from a shy twink into a prize piece of property. Being a trophy husband was never appealing to him. He wanted to be owned. To be possessed. He’s got the whole package when it comes to cute face, toned body, and soft, round ass. Now, he just needs to find a buyer.