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Chapter 8 Party Favor THE BUYER'S GROUP

The holidays represent a special time for the buyers. As they’re spending time with their families, seeing the work from their businesses flourish a...nd pause for the end of the year, they can’t help but take time out to celebrate their fortunes as masters. As they sit around a cozy fire, sharing libations and laughter, they’re well taken care of by the boys that serve them. Some provide pleasant backrubs, some serve drinks, and others just simply give the men their bodies to view and touch. It’s not always about sex when it comes to submission. Sometimes it’s just about showing deference and obedience to the men that sit superior. Of course, after some time for the ice to melt and the room to heat up, natural urges have a way of coming out. The boys do their best to satisfy the needs of the horny men. Boys Cole and Troye sit beside Master Legrand, flanking him on the couch as he eagerly unsheaths their cocks from their black jockstraps. He kisses up and down Troye's smooth, toned body, feeling his youthful flesh tight against his fine suit. He pulls out his hard member, feeling the boy’s arousal for him growing, and takes it into his mouth as a fitting chaser for his drink. Boy Marcus grinds up against Master Houser, giving him a lap dance of sorts as the handsome older man watches him inspire an erection. Master Houser loves being able to sit back and let the boy do the work of getting him hard, knowing that he’s saving his energy for the intense fucking he’s going to give him once he’s fully hard. Master Charger moans in the back, sitting closest to the fire and first to feel the heat of a boy’s mouth on his member. Boy Jack unzips his fly and patiently brings the silver daddy’s cock to his lips, letting an exhale of warm breath pass over his exposed dick before taking it to the back of his throat. Master Charger barely even sips his drink as he experiences the pleasure of a beautiful set of lips wrapped around his manhood, looking over the room at his colleagues similarly being serviced. Passions intensify as the boys are teased into submission. Their cocks stroked and their holes licked as they await their prize for the evening: deep, intense, bareback fucking from whichever of the masters choose to take their holes... [Read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY JACK BAILEY

Not everyone is made to be a master. For many it’s something you’re born with or you’re not. And even if it’s in your family legacy, sometimes... that quality can skip a generation. I adore my grandson, Jack. He’s beautiful and intelligent and perfectly capable of deciding his own path. When I introduced him to the buyer’s club, giving him a taste of power and privilege, I was surprised when he told me he felt off. Not that he was uncomfortable with the idea of men owning boys, but he found himself fantasizing about being one of the boys himself. It had never occurred to me that Jack would see himself as submissive, or that being owned would be something he would want or need. But I could tell he was sincere, and I couldn’t deny him the satisfaction I know many of the boys had felt before him. I told him it wasn’t easy. The demands of a slave can be intense, even scary at times. That different masters require different things, and it’s not his place to question it once he's properly sold. He said he understood, but I had to be sure. As my grandson, I wanted to be the one who brought him in for his grooming and initial assessment. I told him I would treat him like any other boy, giving him the true, authentic, unbiased experience. He said this was exactly what he wanted, so I let my feelings go and allowed Jack to become a slave, and for me to become Master Charger. As soon as I got Jack up on the presentation block, I was delighted with how well he took to his new position. He was obedient, compliant, and took to my direction and tone very well. Perhaps it was that he trusted me and knew that I wouldn’t harm him. Or perhaps it was our own sexual history that made him eager to serve. Or it was his true nature… the nature of a sub… finally feeling at home… When I took off his clothes, I began to think of him more as a product and less as my flesh and blood. I could see what attracted me to him, yes, but I began to see him as something the buyers would love too. Smooth, soft skin. Occasional freckles. A round bubble butt without an imperfection. I knew how it tasted, but it didn’t stop me from feeling it and licking it like it was the first time. It was good for Jack to see me taking full control of his body. Smacking his balls, fingering his hole, and stroking his cock. He needed to learn that being a slave meant that his body, his pleasure, and his pain were no longer his to control. As I took off my shirt and tie, I planted his face right into my crotch. He stayed put as I began to undress, training him to sniff the scent of my hairy crotch through the fine fabric of my suit. Every boy needs to know his master’s scent. Learn it, embrace it, crave it, and know it’s the sign of their superior. Jack has tasted me before, but he needed to inhale me. And as I looked down at this sweet, innocent face, I couldn’t believe how well he took to it. It took everything in my power not to fuck him right then and there. I wetted my fingers and toyed with his hole, feeling the familiar sensation of his soft, stretchy sphincter around my digit. It fit like a ring, tight but smooth. I knew he would make someone very happy. As I continued to open his hole, tasting it, sniffing it, and feeling it relax on the end of my tongue, I could see Jack playing with his rock hard cock, turned on beyond expectation. He had never been treated like this before. He’d never been with a man who would use him, dominate him, and make him feel like what he is: a slave. I was so happy that I could be the one to deliver this moment to him. To give him this opportunity to learn his true nature and give up control. How lucky is he, I thought to myself. Of all the men who would bring him in, to have his loving, caring, nurturing, and powerful grandfather to be the one. I knew I was going to have to open him up. Really stretch the limits of his hole. It was just the way of it. Not just because I love him, but because he needed to know what it’s like to be taken by a man of my position: a master. It would be rough, and a little scary, but it would be the ultimate test of potential. If he could handle that, he’d be well on his way to being someone’s prize possession... [Read more]

Chapter 4 The Appraisal BOY AIDAN

Aidan took my breath away. Something about his sweet, innocent, baby-face combined with his perfectly smooth, athletic body just made my heart melt. T...hough I can be a bit of a task master at times and have a hard edge I like to explore, some boys just make me a softy. Aidan walked out, trembling and fearful. He was the property of Master Ballard, and so it was the first time he was away from him since he was purchased. Understandably, the boys find comfort in their owners. They look to them for protection, nourishment, and guidance. They’re intentionally lost without them. Appraisal is for the boy’s own good, but it can often be a departure from their regular routine. They’re brought in, stand before me, and I inspect them for their value. Different from the auction, they see me, they feel me, and they know I’m being critical. But I’m still human under my designer suit and glasses. And what excites others often excites me as well. It was a pleasure to run my hands over Aidan’s body, feeling the fine hairs on his flesh stand up like little soldiers, saluting me as I looked them over. He stayed as stiff as a board, holding his head up high and his back straight. Even as I began to lick his fingers and tease his nipples, he obeyed my instructions to not move. Before the others came in to witness my work, I whispered in his ear, “it’s okay… I got you.” Normally I don’t show my hand to the boys. I like them to stay alert and ready to service and obey. But for some reason, I saw in his eyes a desperate need to be held. To be cared for. To be protected. There was a lost, scared boy standing before me, looking for an older man to look out for him. I wanted to be that man. And perhaps in a future sale, I will be. In the meantime, I got a deep taste of his furry hole, tasting his sweet flavor and feeling the soft, smooth lining of his sphincter on my finger. A personal privilege before he was to be inspected and bred. The men entered when I called for them, making their way around me as I began to take my measurements. Aidan was trying not to look around at the onlookers, flashing lights in his eyes from their cameras and doing their own informal checks. I stood back for a moment to watch them. I found myself unusually jealous, wishing he was mine. Master Ballard was present, of course, and he was more than safe. But deep down, I wanted to hold the boy close and make him feel valuable. The other masters sampled his cock, taking it into their mouths and bringing him to arousal. Aidan seemed to love being the center of attention, moaning and breathing deeply as they touched him and groped him. My cock got hard seeing him turned on, eagerly waiting for the chance to finish my assessment. Breeding a boy is powerful, but ownership is the real prize. As I pulled out my cock and prepared myself to fuck him, I tried to imagine how I would feel having Aidan all to myself. I wanted to be sweet to him, to make him feel special and wanted. But just as badly, I wanted him to see me as his master. As I mounted up behind him, I kept that thought in my mind, sliding my lubed up cock into his hairy hole. And as I broke through, it was like he was mine already... [Read more]

Chapter 7 Milking the Slaves Buyer's Group

Ejaculation means something different to each master. For some, it is the right of the powerful, a sign of authority and dominance to be the one to re...ceive pleasure. For others, it is more about control, a reward for their boys for giving good service. And for others still, it is about the marking and claiming of property, an act of consummation of ownership and contract. As such, not every boy is allowed to cum with any regularity. Given the ways they are used, they’re often brought to a state of arousal without release. This can be fine for a time, but at some point, the pressure in their loins becomes troublesome. The slaves are told to endure it, of course, but after a while, it affects their performance, and that cannot be abided. Given that, the slaves are systematically milked to ensure they are still capable of doing what they’re expected to do. I was particularly excited for the opportunity to milk Cole. The handsome young man is built beautifully, tall and long but not too lean. His musculature is practically a work of art, and his face is nothing short of angelic. Having the opportunity to work him over is always a joy. But today, knowing that I can focus just on his larger, beautiful cock… well, that’s a gift in and of itself. As I removed him from the milking wall, seeing him trussed up aside other slaves desperate to be relieved of their aching testicles, I took my time to appreciate Cole’s body. He glistened with perspiration, clearly worked up from being edged for hours. I knew I could solve his problem in moments, but I wasn’t ready to let my satisfaction end so quickly. With him off the wall and on the auction block, I was able to take in the sight of his perfect ass, seeing it spread as he got on all fours and presented it to me. I couldn’t resist. I had to go in for a taste. And just as I thought, he was perfect. Absolutely perfect. My tongue savored every inch of him as my beard grazed against his flesh. I could feel his hole tighten against me as it aroused his pleasure. He was ready. Not just ready, he was begging for release. Putting him up on his knees, I took his throbbing manhood in my hand, teasing the head of his shaft before giving him the long, lingering sensations of wet, warm strokes. I watched his balls pulse upward, clenching as I brought him closer and closer to orgasm. I tried to pace myself, delaying the release as long as possible, but he was dripping pre-cum before I even touched him. His breathing was deep and quick, making sounds of pleasure that escalated the more I touched him. It was unreal to have someone so on the edge of pleasure and have them be solely controlled by my hand. The rush of power to my brain was almost god-like. I listened to his breathing, waiting for the sign that we were past the point of no return, and then I let him go… The eruption from his cock was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Ropes of white fluid gushed from him, pouring out in beautiful arcs through the air. His testicles must have been painfully full before I released him. He spewed all over my hand, his body, and the platform he was on. There was enough there that it should have been saved and bottled. As Cole’s body deflated and he collapsed on his own exhaust, I kept my hand gripped to his member. He stayed propped up because of my hold, but otherwise he could have completely fallen back onto the auction block. Of course, even though he had cum, he wasn’t done. Looking out onto the crowd, Cole could see the several onlookers of masters and prospective buyers, all watching in the darkness at his performance. An orgasm like that was sure to attract some bids. And sure enough, Cole was able to be sold on the spot. [Read more]

Chapter 20 The Appraisal THE BOY AUSTIN

There comes a time when inspecting the boys that I can feel myself start to lose focus. Not from their beautiful bodies, of course. But from my task a...nd role as an appraiser. I can feel it in my skin. The hairs start to take on something of a static charge, as if the energy from my cock surges outward over my body. My senses become heightened and the scent of a boy’s nervous sweat drives me wild. Even as I was looking over young Austin’s well-used body, I didn’t pay too much attention to the noticeable marked up knees and bruises on his flesh. It was clear this boy had been fucked hard and repeatedly, and given his size, there’s only so much he can take before he softens like a peach. Still, once the other buyers came in and began pawing at him and indulging in his body like kids in a candy store, I couldn’t resist sitting back, watching, and playing with my throbbing, leaking cock. Something about seeing an obedient, well-trained young guy being completely overtaken by older, powerful men just gets me harder than anything else. Maybe it was seeing the taking of the sweet boy’s innocence… or maybe it was seeing my friends enjoying themselves in ways they couldn’t find anywhere else. Or maybe it was just simply the sight of smooth, soft flesh being kissed and licked… either way, I was in heaven. The men would take the boy’s cock in their mouths, balls as well as the shaft, as if they were consuming his youthful manhood. Austin would moan and exhale deeply, reacting to every lick and tease they gave him. He was not virgin, not by a long shot, but something about the nature of his submission made him forever smaller and powerless to the needs of his superiors. He never knew exactly what was coming, which made every time feel new and exciting. Even for me, I’ve fucked many slaves, feeling every inch of their bodies, including some parts on the inside, and knowing I can do whatever I want still makes it feel like the first time. After being a bystander, I knew it was time for me to get what was mine. What was due to me. I pulled out my cock and brought Austin’s mouth to the head. His breath was hot and expectant, and I could practically see it water for me. There was no doubt he was a good boy and a good slave, but I still liked to test the waters and see how it feels. As I entered his mouth, his soft, pouty lips wrapped around my shaft, making a smooth entrance for my cock. His wet mouth felt like velvet, so inviting and delicate. As I began to thrust back and forth, I could tell he was experienced, latching perfectly and maintaining exquisite suction and tension. He wasn’t going to let it fall out for any reason. Such a good boy. Of course, as good as he was, I did not intend to cum in his mouth. Though I’m sure he would savor and swallow every drop, that’s not what I’m here for. That’s not what any of us are here for. Austin’s purpose is to be bred. Just like my purpose is to breed. And in this, I would not lose my focus... [Read more]


WHAT IS BoyForSale ?

There’s an underground secret society of men who buy and sell boy slaves on the black market. The boys are found on the street and lured into captivity. Once enslaved, they are groomed by the society and prepared for a life of servicing the men who buy and use their bodies. There is no greater joy than seeing a young boy submit to your authority. And for the men of the secret underground society, they know that this cannot be faked or played. For those with the appetite for true ownership, they have found a market for their tastes. Young boys are taken in, groomed, and freed of their sense of autonomy to become what they deeply long to be: objects of desire. They’re appraised and put up for auction for the wealthy and powerful to bid upon, allowing them the opportunity to claim the ultimate prize: virginal bodies with submissive hearts. Once won, these young boys must do everything their masters command. Everything from simple housework to the roughest sex. They’re no longer free. They’re property.

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