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Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY ETHAN

The boy Ethan didn’t quite know what to expect. Luckily for him, Master Barrett is an expert groomer and will have everything in place for the boy t...o fetch a high price at the auction. It starts backstage where Master Barrett guides the boy to sit up on his haunches. This gives the Master full access to Ethan’s smooth body. He gently moves his hands up and down the boy’s bare torso, caressing every curve with a whisper touch. Ethan’s nipples immediately jump to attention and trigger responses Ethan’s body didn’t know it had inside. He drops his head backward, giving Master Barrett full access to his smooth sensitive skin. Touch is an incredible aphrodisiac and the boy finds it almost too much to bear! Master Barrett senses how Ethan’s body is submitting itself to him so he turns his attention to Ethan’s rock-hard nipples. They’re ripe for sucking and nibbling and Ethan’s moans shows the Master is going in the right direction. Gentle nibbles at first, getting harder and harder as Ethan gives in to all the tingles this nipple play sends up and down his spine. Master Barrett adds tongue into the mix turning it into a wet sloppy tongue bath with nibbles along the way to remind the boy who the Master is here. There’s one thing left untamed, though, and it’s swinging between Ethan’s legs. This boy has a massive rock-hard cock! Master Barrett sets it free from the small jockstrap that’s been straining to hold it all in. It pops to attention and the Master starts to stroke it. Ethan’s body centers all its attention on the gentle rubbing it’s getting. Master Barrett knows what could take it even further, so he bends over to take Ethan’s throbbing dickhead into his mouth. The same tongue that was giving Ethan the shivers during nipple play is now masterfully caressing the boy’s long curvy cock. It almost pushes Ethan over the edge! Master Barrett sees the signs and chooses to back off; Ethan is not his boy and that special ejaculatory bond these Masters and boys seek is not for him but for the Buyer. The boy Ethan is ready. Master Barrett takes him by the hand and guides him to the auction block. The Buyers are all watching as smooth boy Ethan gets into bidding position. The auction begins. Master Barrett repeats some of what he’s already done to Ethan’s body before and the bidding goes wild. This boy is going to be a responsive toy for whichever of these rich men bids the most for him. The more Ethan gets into this show the more the buyers pay. Suddenly his value sky rockets! Someone really wants boy Ethan to be his! Ethan wishes he could see who wants him so badly, but the cover of darkness protects the Buyers until they themselves are ready to be revealed! The Auctioneer ends the bidding. Master Barrett withdraws for the boy Ethan is no longer up for bid. The man who paid handsomely for the boy steps out of the darkness. It’s Master Marko, a gorgeous muscle daddy with strong arms and a powerful presence. Marko is ready to claim what is now his. He takes over where Master Barrett left off, feeling his way around the boy’s smooth body. They kiss gently but intensely. Master Marko need hold nothing back, because the boy now belongs to him. [Read more]

Chapter 2 The Auction THE BOY JESSE

Jesse’s a good boy. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was worth pursuing. He’s a tall, good looking blond boy, with milky-white, unblemishe...d skin and a perfectly-defined torso which looks like it’s been chiseled from a block of Italian marble! He certainly recognizes the importance of looking after himself. My clients demand the very best, and young Jesse ticks a heck of a lot of boxes! The auction went almost exactly to plan. We placed Jesse on the table, wearing nothing but a black jockstrap and I allowed my hands to glide seductively over his body so the buyers could see how easily stimulated he is. I took him through his paces, placing him in various uncompromising positions to demonstrate how flexible and immensely compliant he is. I’ve found myself astonished by how keen he is to serve and it was vital that the buyers were aware of this. He was rock hard throughout and the bidding was brisk. There were a number of men in the crowd who plainly wanted him and the hammer came down just shy of half a million dollars, which pleased me. The buyer was Master Dixon. Dixon is uncompromisingly dominant - a bit of a rough diamond - and the boy will be a good fit for him. As he stood up from the crowd and walked towards Jesse, I saw a flash of a smile crossing the boy’s face. He plainly liked what he was seeing and was excited by the idea of being owned by someone like him. Dixon wanted me to stick around as he sampled the boy for the first time. We go back a long way and enjoy sex in each other’s presence. I like watching him. He’s an unpredictable lover and always cuts quite the figure as he struts around the room in his dark suit and expensive watch, with his shaved head, bushy beard and sexy tattoos poking out of the collars and cuffs of his shirt. He examined Jesse from all angles, nonchalantly pulling back the pouch of the boy’s jock to get a sense of what was going on down there. Dixon signaled for me to get involved, so I removed my belt, dropped my pants and got my dick out. Dixon and the boy were staring into each other’s eyes. It was a moment of extreme intimacy which felt almost intrusive to watch. There’s nothing better than observing the split second when a master and his boy connect for the first time. It’s a deep, almost spiritual moment, where the life the boy has lived so far becomes entirely irrelevant and his new purpose is instantly established. Dixon plainly wanted to watch me fucking the boy. He wanted to see my enormous dick sliding in and out of him and wanted to use my cum as lube. You can use all the oils and liquids in the world, but semen is the most effective, natural, and beautiful lubricant. My dick slid into Jesse easily enough. He let out a few gasps of surprise but settled down pretty quickly. Dixon watched intently, unzipping his fly, pulling out his cock and rubbing it wantonly. I found myself locking eyes with him and he smiled at me, no doubt remembering the plethora of horny, sometimes profound encounters like this that we’ve shared over our countless years of close friendship. I fucked the boy real slow, imagining how his ass would feel and look wrapped around Dixon’s impressive weapon. Dixon held the boy’s head protectively as I got stuck in. I asked him if he wanted me to cum in the boy, knowing the answer would be yes, so I got Jesse on his back and reentered him in a position I knew was going to work best for my swollen dick. The boy groaned heavily as I picked up the pace and started slamming for victory. Dixon put his thumb into Jesse’s mouth to give him some comfort and the boy sucked it hungrily. I’ll confess; I got pretty carried away in those last few strokes. I just gritted my teeth and rammed myself into the boy with all the force I could muster. I squirted a heavy load right into him which I knew Dixon was gonna enjoy, and, sure enough, as I pulled out, he immediately walked around the table and pushed his huge dick into the boy with one single movement… [Read more]

Chapter 3 Slave Boy BOY DANNY

Danny has belonged to me for some time now. Our bond is strong and the roles we play in each other’s lives are mutually fulfilling. He relies on me protect him and I derive great pleasure out of guiding him towards his true purpose in life. We are sexually compatible in an almost profound way. We are carnally addicted to each other. Naturally, he remains caged most of the time. I occasionally walk past and see those beautiful, trusting, obedient eyes, staring up at me - filled with a mixture of hope and gratitude. I find him utterly irresistible and almost always cave in to his charms and let him out to play. He responds so well to my touch. The moment my fingers make contact with his smooth, porcelain-like skin, he seems to enter some sort of ecstatic trance - almost as though I were a snake charmer or a hypnotist, pleasuring him into incapacitation. He never questions my orders. He’s a rare discovery in this respect. There’s no sense of him needing to challenge me as part of our dynamic. He knows he’s mine and that knowledge makes him feel alive. He certainly knows how to pleasure me orally. He savors my dick with every one of his senses, obeying my commands while peering up at me longingly with those huge, deep blue eyes. There is little more appealing to me than the moments we share in the early stages of intimacy. Time stands still. The air becomes heavy and almost seems to cradle us. We become aware of every rustle, every breath, every stifled gasp. Then we kiss. He tastes sweet, fresh. My fingers explore his hole, preparing him for deep, intense penetration. I sit on the ottoman and part my legs. He stands and turns his back. His hands tremble with excitement and terror as he guides my throbbing penis towards his hole. And then, so tentatively, he pushes himself back onto me… and we’re away. Locked together. Bonded. My body merging with his, my dick running over every available inch of internal flesh. The sensation of pure, beautiful, unadulterated pleasure rises through my body as he slowly rocks himself backward and forward. Sometimes I wrap my hand around his tiny waist so that I can pull him onto me with more force. Then I like to pull him back onto my body, so that he’s balanced on me, feet on my thighs, easing himself up and down, choosing the intensity and speed of his pleasure! The top of the boy’s head only comes up to my collar bone, so, when we stand kissing, the tip of my dick rubs against his nipples. I can pick him up and take his weight with no problem whatsoever - and this opens up so many possibilities for adventurous sexual positions! Ultimately, having him squatting on the table while I bang him from behind is where I’m at my happiest, rotating his testicles in my hands like a pair of baoding balls as I let my big dick sink in and out of him, pre-cum spewing from his ass and rolling down his thigh like drops of condensation on a window. At that moment, I grit my teeth and really let him have it. Giving in to the sweet inevitability of orgasm is the most beautiful moment in any sexual encounter. Up until then, you’ve always had to keep one foot on the break and your brain fully engaged. When the time comes, it’s about truly letting go in a way that happens rarely in life. For that final minute, you’re in a bestial frenzy. There is nothing else in the world but your dick and his hole and the supreme friction and energy which the two of you are generating. When you truly give into that mesmeric sensation - and I mean truly give into it - the end release can be utterly mind-blowing. [Read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY JESSE

Jesse was particularly suited for ownership when I found him. Not only did he have a perfectly chiseled body, unmarked and unblemished in any way, but... he had the eager spirit of a pet store puppy eager to be adopted. If he had a tail, it would have wagged the first time I touched him. When I took off his clothes and stripped him bare, his milky, pale flesh practically lit up the dark room. He was nervous and a bit scared, but he didn’t let that prevent him from doing what I needed him to do. He kneeled on all fours, presenting his body to me as I moved my hands all over. He was smooth to the touch, warm and slightly perspiring. I would have guessed it was solely nerves, but seeing his hard cock point up toward his washboard stomach, it was clear that he was in heaven. I teased his nipples, watching his defined pecs tense up as they reacted to the sensation of being pinched and pulled. It was clear to me that they would be trigger points for him, practically glowing pink before I even made contact with them. And afterward, his body revealed a lovely reddenining that made me curious to explore more. Fondling his nuts and shaft, I could practically play him like an instrument. And similarly, each part of him seemed to cause a unique moan of pleasure. He wanted to be toyed with. He wanted to be taken. But I had to see just how he would be as a servant and submissive for the next sale. Nothing made it more clear than when I put him on his back. Freshly oiled, every muscle in his torso glistened and shined in the dim light, revealing every tension he had. He was muscular and lean, making him the perfect vessel to be handled at will. I knew I could be a little rough with him, that he’d be able to take it and beg for more. But seeing his perfectly creamy complexion, I didn’t want to risk a single bruise to his flesh before the auction. Instead, I simply tested out the one thing that would determine his worth: how well he could take a dick. With my hard cock out and lubed up, I watched with some delight as his eyes focused completely on my shaft. In his mind, I could see him doing the calculations about how big I was and how much he was going to have to take inside. He didn’t cower, though. Instead, a smile came over his face and he rocked his legs back and forth with glee. I’d never seen such enthusiasm in a newly acquired boy before… and it made my cock leak with its own excitement. Pressing my head to his hole, I could feel the familiar sensation of pressure as the wide end of my cock met the tight, narrow hole of his ass. Normally I would have to ease myself in, but Jesse managed to swallow me up without fear or hesitation. I pushed in a little further, and before I knew it, I was already half-way inside. He stretched out instinctively, taking me as if he were born for it. And as I picked up the pace and began fucking him in earnest, I watched as his stomach tensed, his abs tightened, and he let me fill him up completely… [Read more]

Chapter 3 The Prize THE BOY ERIC

I was practically giddy when I got into my room and saw Eric following behind me like a nervous little puppy. The way his eyes looked up at me was eno...ugh to make my heart flutter. And the way his ass moved in his jock strap with each step was especially appealing. I couldn’t believe I had him all to myself. I hardly knew where to start. As he approached me, I ordered him to remove my shoes. He gave me a shy little smile through his pouty lips. He seemed as excited to serve me as I was. I liked that. I liked knowing that he wasn’t just mine, but that he wanted me to be his master. Piece by piece, I removed my clothing, having him assist me as I got closer to full undress. I studied him as he did his job obediently and carefully. Something in me just wanted to possess him and fuck him, but I also wanted to protect him. As I stood, he removed my pants and pulled out my cock, throbbing and barely able to be contained by my underwear. He brought it out in me so easily, and I wanted him to worship me. Slowly, he began to suck my cock, taking me in between his lips, tasting me and appreciating the fullness of my manhood. It felt absolutely like heaven. He was born to take me, and as I looked down, he loved every second of it. He didn’t struggle or fight it. He savored it. He wanted to show me how much he appreciated being my slave. And he wanted to feel me claim him again and again. I had half a mind to toss him on the bed and fuck him right then, but I just smiled, proud and pleased with him as he took me into his mouth. He adored me. And I adored him. I leaned back, enjoying getting my big cock serviced by a beautiful boy without a care in the world. We were in no rush, no expectations of what to do or when to be done. He would do whatever I asked. With that knowledge, I enjoyed sitting back and letting him show me what he was capable of. I barely had to open my mouth for him to swallow me down and lap at my balls, making me feel like a king. With every stroke of his mouth on my cock, I got closer and closer to needing to fuck him. He was a boy that had to be taken, again and again, so he would never doubt just how much I value and appreciate him. Even though I bought and paid for him, and maybe because I bought and paid for him, he was beyond special. My hands pawed at his milky white ass, feeling his soft cheeks and tight hole. He got on up the bed, presenting himself to me as I mouthed my affection into his backside. Licking his tight hole, I buried my face deep as he moaned into the air. I could have listened to those sounds for hours. Instead, I got him warmed up and ready to bred… [Read more]

There’s an underground secret society of men who buy and sell boy slaves on the black market. The boys are found on the street and lured into captivity. Once enslaved, they are groomed by the society and prepared for a life of servicing the men who buy and use their bodies. There is no greater joy than seeing a young boy submit to your authority. And for the men of the secret underground society, they know that this cannot be faked or played. For those with the appetite for true ownership, they have found a market for their tastes. Young boys are taken in, groomed, and freed of their sense of autonomy to become what they deeply long to be: objects of desire. They’re appraised and put up for auction for the wealthy and powerful to bid upon, allowing them the opportunity to claim the ultimate prize: virginal bodies with submissive hearts. Once won, these young boys must do everything their masters command. Everything from simple housework to the roughest sex. They’re no longer free. They’re property.