Chapter 7 Appraisal THE BOY RIVER

There’s a reason Marcus is frequently up for auction. And it’s not because his masters don’t want him or think he’s disappointing. On the cont...rary, he often exceeds expectations, leading the powerful men to brag to their buyer friends about their new prize. But this leads to a healthy amount of covetousness among the men, aching for their chance to see the young slave boy become theirs. And when this happens, the buyers see dollar signs. When I saw River standing before me, he stood with the discipline and focus of a soldier. Despite lacking the traditional experience and body of a military man, he was just as molded mentally to obey orders and await commands. I barely had to open my mouth as I moved around him, inspecting his body to assess his value. A qualitative review of his body wasn’t sufficient for the dociers of the young men. Precise measurements are taken of their bodies, including their height, weight, cock length, even the weight of their tesitcles to give would-be buyers a real sense of what they’re getting. Some men really enjoy the thrill of the physical dominance, the size difference between them and their bought submissives. And without getting up close, this information can be key to them deciding to fight a hard bidding war between them and another buyer. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to sample the wares of the young men. For someone like River, I was eager to get a sniff of his pits, inhaling the sweet, ripe scent of arousal and unease that his musk revealed. I could tell he was nervous, but he wouldn’t show it on his face. But by using all my senses, the truth outs. I handled his genitals in my hand, feeling their heat and weight. He was fully engorged within moments, giving me a real sense of what he had to offer. I could tell he hadn’t cum in some time. He was sensitive to my touch and practically trembled from simply cradling his testicles in my fingers. When I leaned in to give the head of his cock a taste, a glistening bead of pre-cum escaped, as if letting me know he was ready to be taken. I turned him around to tease his hole. My wet fingers navigated his sphincter, feeling it tighten and loosen with each breath. I couldn’t tell if he was subconsciously trying to fight me or let me in. Either way, my dominant digit found its way inside. River’s moans echoed into the dark void. Despite the few onlookers watching us, it felt like it was just me and him. When he was properly presented, oiled, and ready to to try out, I gestured for my buddy, Master Houser, to come out from the dark. The handsome man had been eyeing River for months, his mouth watering at every glimpse of him. He wanted him more than most, and I knew he would pay a lot for the chance to claim him for his own. When Master Houser approached, I watched him take in the glistening, hard body of the young man. River arched his back to show him his beautiful backside, giving him a full view of his tight hole. I knew from fingering him just how impossibly intact he was, still feeling like a virgin after many, many sessions of hardcore pounding. Master Houser opened his fly, not even bothering to unbutton his suit jacket, to pull out his throbbing daddy dick. Within seconds, he was piercing the flesh of the young boy, skewering him with his member deep. I could see River’s cling to the auction block, withstanding the sheer force and fire of the sudden penetration. Master Houser’s dominance was on full display and the slave boy River was just his little fuck puppet. It was exciting to watch, knowing that any moment the salt and pepper daddy would shoot his load up inside River’s hole. The young boy struggled, but he didn’t move away. He was there to take every thrust, no matter what. I knew Master Houser would be satisfied with him. And I’ll be looking for his bid at the next sale… [Read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY ERIC

I couldn’t believe my luck. It’s not uncommon for young men to approach me, attracted to my good looks or chiseled body or simply the air of au...thority that I project. But not all of them can satisfy my needs. Or my business interests. Too many want to be in a relationship. Most simply want to get the bragging rights to their friends that they were able to get dominated by a hot daddy. It can be fun, but that’s not why I go out. I look for eager, submissive, moldable young men who I think will make a fine addition to our stable of boys. I’m looking for unclaimed slaves desperate to be owned. I’m looking for merchandise. When Eric came up to me, it seemed like he’d been waiting his whole life to meet someone like me. Someone to see him as he saw himself: a possession yet to be possessed. The young man had worked so hard to get the right look, work out, take care of hair and appearance, obsessing over detail that would make him appealing to a guy like me. He practically begged me to take him. What else could I do? On the way to the in-take room, I told him what was expected of him should he continue onward. I told him he had every chance to turn back and go home before we arrived, a proposition that seemed unsettling to him. Not that he was afraid I’d do something against his will, but more that this moment would pass him by if he did something wrong. By the time my driver stopped and we had arrived at the mansion, Eric understood his role. He was to listen, submit, obey, and learn his new place in this underground society. He thought he was ready. Time to see if he was right. Taking him in, I stripped him out of his clothes, tossing the cheap fast-fashion items on the floor. He looked at me with excited anticipation, as if he was already thinking of himself as product. He carefully fixed his hair after his shirt came off, wanting to stay presentable to me. I could care less about his hair. All I saw was his smooth, toned, flawless, alabaster skin. His nipples were like two tiny points on his chest, standing outward and begging for attention. His soft, full lips hung from his face, heavy with excitement and arousal. I’d never seen someone so desperate to be claimed. I was tempted to take him for myself right there. But I knew he was worth more to me at auction than as just an easy fuck. Moving around his body, I could see his hard, pink dick and his round, unblemished ass. It was like a pair of down pillows. I could have easily sold him just as a cushion to rest upon, but his tight hole was the real prize of his backside. I went in for a taste, feeling my tongue move across the taught flesh of his hole. He let out a moan of intense pleasure. Clearly, his hole was just as connected to his mind as his dick. It tightened and pulsed on the tip of my tongue, waiting for it to be opened and taken. He was such a beautiful prize. I knew I had to test him, try him, and see just how valuable he was. I knew buyers would go crazy for him. Afterall, it was hard for me not to pounce on him himself… [Read more]

Chapter 6 Slave Boy THE BOY TOM

Tom is exceptionally loyal. There isn’t anything I ask of him that he even hesitates to do. Even when I put him in his cage, locking him up overnigh...t and sometimes for hours in the day, he doesn’t retreat. He goes where I tell him, when I tell him, trusting in me completely to look out for his well-being. It’s a special relationship, master and slave. As much as I demand of him, it demands of me to protect my investment. When I see his lean little body on all fours, begging to serve me, it reminds me that it’s not a one-way street no matter how it may appear. He takes care of me, I take care of him. When Tom is released from his cage, he’s immediately put to work taking off my clothes. He’s delicate and patient with every button and zipper, careful not to damage my property while in service to me. (I return the favor later when I am sinking my shaft into his tight hole.) Once I’m fully stripped bare, Tom’s eyes are fixed on my loins, seeing my manhood bulge in my underwear. He’s hungry for it, eager to feel it in his hands and to wrap his mouth around its size. I’m in no rush, though. Tom is all mine, and I can enjoy him at my own pace. Tom pulls my cock out, respectfully and reverently, worshiping my member as it is revealed. He loves everything about it and it comes through in the way he kisses and sucks. He loves being submissive to me, making me feel good, putting my wants and needs before his own. It doesn’t take long before I’m hard enough to get what I’m looking for. I turn Tom around, seeing his taught sphincter twitching to be filled. I bring myself in on him, feeling the heat of his flesh against mine before I break through and claim him. I’m very slow to enter him, making sure every inch meets him with care. Even when I intend to fuck my boys rough and hard, I have no intention of breaking them. They mean a lot to me. Not just financially, but personally. A great deal of life’s pleasure comes from fucking a boy who’s mine. Tom’s moans filled the dark room as I pushed further into him. His contorted body shaped to make my penetration easier and more enjoyable. It was certainly not easy for him, but he took it all in stride. And once I picked up my pace and began to fuck him, my cock felt like it was wrapped in warm velvet. My hips rocked back and forth, heavy nuts swinging into Tom’s backside as I brought myself closer to cumming. Tom’s member leaked pre-cum as I moved deeper and faster, turned on by my possession of his body. He missed me. He needed me. And while I couldn’t be with him at all times, I could leave him a healthy dose of my load to carry inside when I put him back in his cage… [Read more]

Chapter 8 Party Favor THE BUYER'S GROUP

The holidays represent a special time for the buyers. As they’re spending time with their families, seeing the work from their businesses flourish a...nd pause for the end of the year, they can’t help but take time out to celebrate their fortunes as masters. As they sit around a cozy fire, sharing libations and laughter, they’re well taken care of by the boys that serve them. Some provide pleasant backrubs, some serve drinks, and others just simply give the men their bodies to view and touch. It’s not always about sex when it comes to submission. Sometimes it’s just about showing deference and obedience to the men that sit superior. Of course, after some time for the ice to melt and the room to heat up, natural urges have a way of coming out. The boys do their best to satisfy the needs of the horny men. Boys Cole and Troye sit beside Master Legrand, flanking him on the couch as he eagerly unsheaths their cocks from their black jockstraps. He kisses up and down Troye's smooth, toned body, feeling his youthful flesh tight against his fine suit. He pulls out his hard member, feeling the boy’s arousal for him growing, and takes it into his mouth as a fitting chaser for his drink. Boy Marcus grinds up against Master Houser, giving him a lap dance of sorts as the handsome older man watches him inspire an erection. Master Houser loves being able to sit back and let the boy do the work of getting him hard, knowing that he’s saving his energy for the intense fucking he’s going to give him once he’s fully hard. Master Charger moans in the back, sitting closest to the fire and first to feel the heat of a boy’s mouth on his member. Boy Jack unzips his fly and patiently brings the silver daddy’s cock to his lips, letting an exhale of warm breath pass over his exposed dick before taking it to the back of his throat. Master Charger barely even sips his drink as he experiences the pleasure of a beautiful set of lips wrapped around his manhood, looking over the room at his colleagues similarly being serviced. Passions intensify as the boys are teased into submission. Their cocks stroked and their holes licked as they await their prize for the evening: deep, intense, bareback fucking from whichever of the masters choose to take their holes... [Read more]

Chapter 1 The Grooming THE BOY JACK BAILEY

Not everyone is made to be a master. For many it’s something you’re born with or you’re not. And even if it’s in your family legacy, sometimes... that quality can skip a generation. I adore my grandson, Jack. He’s beautiful and intelligent and perfectly capable of deciding his own path. When I introduced him to the buyer’s club, giving him a taste of power and privilege, I was surprised when he told me he felt off. Not that he was uncomfortable with the idea of men owning boys, but he found himself fantasizing about being one of the boys himself. It had never occurred to me that Jack would see himself as submissive, or that being owned would be something he would want or need. But I could tell he was sincere, and I couldn’t deny him the satisfaction I know many of the boys had felt before him. I told him it wasn’t easy. The demands of a slave can be intense, even scary at times. That different masters require different things, and it’s not his place to question it once he's properly sold. He said he understood, but I had to be sure. As my grandson, I wanted to be the one who brought him in for his grooming and initial assessment. I told him I would treat him like any other boy, giving him the true, authentic, unbiased experience. He said this was exactly what he wanted, so I let my feelings go and allowed Jack to become a slave, and for me to become Master Charger. As soon as I got Jack up on the presentation block, I was delighted with how well he took to his new position. He was obedient, compliant, and took to my direction and tone very well. Perhaps it was that he trusted me and knew that I wouldn’t harm him. Or perhaps it was our own sexual history that made him eager to serve. Or it was his true nature… the nature of a sub… finally feeling at home… When I took off his clothes, I began to think of him more as a product and less as my flesh and blood. I could see what attracted me to him, yes, but I began to see him as something the buyers would love too. Smooth, soft skin. Occasional freckles. A round bubble butt without an imperfection. I knew how it tasted, but it didn’t stop me from feeling it and licking it like it was the first time. It was good for Jack to see me taking full control of his body. Smacking his balls, fingering his hole, and stroking his cock. He needed to learn that being a slave meant that his body, his pleasure, and his pain were no longer his to control. As I took off my shirt and tie, I planted his face right into my crotch. He stayed put as I began to undress, training him to sniff the scent of my hairy crotch through the fine fabric of my suit. Every boy needs to know his master’s scent. Learn it, embrace it, crave it, and know it’s the sign of their superior. Jack has tasted me before, but he needed to inhale me. And as I looked down at this sweet, innocent face, I couldn’t believe how well he took to it. It took everything in my power not to fuck him right then and there. I wetted my fingers and toyed with his hole, feeling the familiar sensation of his soft, stretchy sphincter around my digit. It fit like a ring, tight but smooth. I knew he would make someone very happy. As I continued to open his hole, tasting it, sniffing it, and feeling it relax on the end of my tongue, I could see Jack playing with his rock hard cock, turned on beyond expectation. He had never been treated like this before. He’d never been with a man who would use him, dominate him, and make him feel like what he is: a slave. I was so happy that I could be the one to deliver this moment to him. To give him this opportunity to learn his true nature and give up control. How lucky is he, I thought to myself. Of all the men who would bring him in, to have his loving, caring, nurturing, and powerful grandfather to be the one. I knew I was going to have to open him up. Really stretch the limits of his hole. It was just the way of it. Not just because I love him, but because he needed to know what it’s like to be taken by a man of my position: a master. It would be rough, and a little scary, but it would be the ultimate test of potential. If he could handle that, he’d be well on his way to being someone’s prize possession... [Read more]


WHAT IS BoyForSale ?

There’s an underground secret society of men who buy and sell boy slaves on the black market. The boys are found on the street and lured into captivity. Once enslaved, they are groomed by the society and prepared for a life of servicing the men who buy and use their bodies. There is no greater joy than seeing a young boy submit to your authority. And for the men of the secret underground society, they know that this cannot be faked or played. For those with the appetite for true ownership, they have found a market for their tastes. Young boys are taken in, groomed, and freed of their sense of autonomy to become what they deeply long to be: objects of desire. They’re appraised and put up for auction for the wealthy and powerful to bid upon, allowing them the opportunity to claim the ultimate prize: virginal bodies with submissive hearts. Once won, these young boys must do everything their masters command. Everything from simple housework to the roughest sex. They’re no longer free. They’re property.

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